Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mission impossible

Things that I have to do by next Sunday
  • Bio peka -draw mouse digestive system
  • Bio project (6 experiment) -steal soil sample from anywhere, n analyse quadrat..and then folio..
  • PA Folio -We choose PLKN as our topic..have to write a 60 pages report..feel like straggle mr.Nawi..
  • have enough sleep - yea I need it so badly..
  • revision (which I think is impossible) -for maths I think..before TST kill me..She hates me now..I think..because I failed my maths !!
  • chem homework -Mr.Kwan will give homework as we have to spend 9 hours with him during the holidays.. *sob*

I don't think this holiday is a break for us...It seems more like an intermediate stage before we start our stressful life..yea..good luck everyone !

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