Wednesday, May 16, 2007


k la..k la..I'm gonna blog about something very funny..ermm..quite pai seh actually..

*An hour ago*
Two unknown number appeared on my phone.
Then wye lyng phoned me. She said my math's teacher was looking for me. I thought it was all about the borang pelajar..Then I purposely misscall pn.tan..erm..not misscall la..I did wait for a while before I hung up the phone. Then, she called.

PT- Xin Hui, did u pass up ur answer sheet ?
Me- yea..I think so..but I think I passed it to Billy already..erm..Let me go and check...

*I unzip my bag and I saw my math's paper 2 inside there*oh god !
Me- yea..the paper is with me now.So, how ?
PT- ? What about penalyse the paper?
Me- Does that mean that I don't have to sit paper 1 ?
*I was happy actually, hoping for her to say yes*
PT- I tell you passed ur paper to the office's clerk as soon as possible..and don't change ur answer
Me- okieeee....

I'm blur right ? I think I din sleep much, my brain don't function well..or it is because I'm too hungry at that time !! haha..
Sigh...I still have to sit for paper 1.. gggrrrrr !!!

Thoughts of the week :

Everyone was studying for chemistry..nothing special happen

We had a two hour break after our bio/phy paper 2..I knew I got no hope for that paper already..So, I walked around kacau-ing people..Kai jia was reading about protein systhesis..After an hour, I went and kacau her again..guess what ? she was reading the same page !!! I quoted her "rajin-nyer".
sigh..After that, I went and kacau Beverlyn..then soong and kai jia came..We kacau-ed chang wai hong...We start to bully kai jia again because she ugut kal-son to belanja her mcD if he get higher marks than her...this and that..After the long rest, we prepared our bullet for bio paper 1.. sigh... choo william said the paper was ? ewwwhhh !! I never tembak so many question before...

Today ??
Everyone was stuying for more more walking more kacau people...


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said... nit ler..we bought her chicken essence for her bd *terpaksa*
sigh..pai seh me