Friday, May 25, 2007

war 01

To Mr.Lai , I realised that you are such a good friend ~ hmmm....Dear friends, I'm going to share with you how good is my friend ! =)

Mr.Lai - xin hui no taste only
Mr.Lai- i older ma --> old man !
Mr.Lai - u dun hv taste tat is true
Mr.Lai - coz xh remember what ppl said and promote it
- if i cakap salah i sure die in xh hand de --> u will regret soon !

haha..sigh..actually I bullied him oso la...his blood pressure has gone up recently..I'm helping his heart to excercise only..not my fault eh ? I'm just defending myself ! yea.. I have no taste right ? yea..that is why I blog about him..yea..this is the only reason...hahaaaa...bla bla...I'm waiting for the next challenge !

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