Tuesday, June 26, 2007

random 07

I'm going to the ACS's campfire because.....
Pretender a.k.a baboon :
if i dun see u on dat day i will call u monkey forever
(name changed)

I miss "Power Rangers" !!
haha..Do u remember Jason, Kimberly, Tania, Billy, Zack and Tommy ?

I can't speak mandarin anymore because 我讲华语很粗鲁 !! yea..I wun speak in mandarin until I stop saying "walaoeh or 哪条水?"
what happen ?haha..thanx to d dumb I.C project ! I had learnt so much from tsw..he is such a bad influence !!
I kena complain from ah mee adi *sigh*

Kai jia asked : "性格一样的人在一起比较好还是性格不一样的人呢 ?" and..I answered : "性格一样的人会因为了解而分开, 性格不一样的人会因为不适合而分开"
I won't know..It depends actually...


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