Saturday, July 28, 2007

random 10

I'm crazy..I ate kfc twice this week !!(no wonder my throat is still pain) I have tried their cheesy wedges(fav), burger, chicken and nugget..Well, my advice is don't order for "hot-and-spicy" chicken! The chicken is not spicy(I have tried 2 different kfc outlet), but crispy ! Imagine the amount of oil they used to fried the chicken ! oh god !The original flavour is worst..The original flavour chicken taste salty(very).. I guess kfc is no more finger-licking-good ! McD is better now but McD is much more expensive compared to kfc now...

p/s: Dex, do you still want ur meal ? =Þ

Goh Jun Yan told me "suka" means "bitch" in Russian..and "suki" is the plural of "suka" !! Well, you know what I mean...

Well, we know Mr.Lim make all the 6A Isk's student to arrange their table in the exam-like condition which means they can't sit with their friends and they are at least one table away from their frens..On the other hand, my math's teacher asked us to sit in groups(according to marks) ! This is a disaster ! I'm sitting with the smart students (I'm not trying to say that I'm smart too)..They memang geng in maths (I mean among my classmates, not people like tcy)..
To be honest with you all, I copied most of my past year math's solution from y lyng(d girl sitting beside me). So, when my group member ask me how do I solve those question..I will crack my head and I will try to explain to them..I quote Einstein "Don't ask me maths, mine is worst than yours."

Have you seen guys who can talk non-stop for 2 hours? err..Poow Hin and grandpa Lai did it today ! Sigh..They are so long-winded.. I don't think nobody can beat them...

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