Sunday, September 23, 2007

22092007-the twin effect

Celebrating birthday with michelle is a whole new experience to me..I mean I never celebrate birthday with other people before and we were like twin sisters yesterday..We had the same present and the same cake..

The photos .....

while waiting for the others..
they were so excited and they stood on the sofa

cute right ?hahahaa...

me and hao tim

we were bored..and hao tim suggested this !!! (omg !)

we have company..
michelle came in....

Ah hang loves singing ! (but he hate the camera so much)

chai,haotim,soong,me,michelle,hsin,shukien and hang

I forced him to take pic with me..
I like this pic..the childish poow and soong !(they look so cute)
poow and me

the two birthday girl

shu kien the planner and me !
soong and me
xinhui.hwee hsin (xin hwee hsin)

me and chan
ming jie asyik makan saje...
me and david
I love this pic !
me,michelle and the betinas
me,michelle and the jantans
our group pic !

poow's notti hand

The new Myvvi ambassador(hao tim's and shu kien's car)
the zhong ying-ians
and the kuo min-iansThanks everyone and have a great day !! See ya all sooooonnnnnnnnn !! =)


xin hui

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