Sunday, September 16, 2007

crazy peeps in action again*updated*

We had another water war yesterday night(again) which is very unusual for a group of 19 yrs old teenagers.

This is what happen...
soong and I felt boring during math's tuition and we planned to go yam cha on sat night..Then, we remembered the 9 box of candles ! We asked the guys and the girls ..Then, we told ming hau that we are going to his place..Soong suggested the "whipped cream"..She told me we must balas dendam (I'll show you how cham was I on my birthday later) ! We beria-ria go jusco to get the stuff..We told ming hau about our plan and He told us that we can use the water pipe anytime (so nice of him)...At 9pm, everyone arrived and we took the candle out..I arranged my name "Xin Hui" on the ground..I didn't have the chance to lit it up..Soong called ah mee, me and my sis to my car where we took out the whipped cream ! The guys were playing cards and they are not aware of it !! hahha..They dripped the wax on the loser's hand !! bin tai u know how pain was it ? I kena from kai jia on that night !She kena fooled by tan chee yang also..hahaha..

Then, we stood behind the guys..we counted to threee and we wiped the cream on their face..Poow hin kena the cream from me..haha..then, ah mee, me and my sis ran away...The guys (choon siong, poow and grandma lai) stood up and chased after us..poor lil soong kena from them..hahaha..she don't have the chance to run away !! haha..the rest of us kept laughing..

The guys asked water from ming hau later..That's the most "chi kek" part !! It's revenge time ! Soong kena paling teruk ! She was all wet !! me and chang wai hong became friends that night ! haha..we pakat and pour water on kai jia !! kai jia was all wet and her nose kena water some more !! hahahah..Xin yi kena a lot also ! Choon siong and grandma lai chased after her... After that, kaijia, me and grandma lai pakat-ed to bully choon siong..he was so "dry" that night..Me and cwh pretended to chased kai jia..Kai jia pulled choon siong's shirt and he fell down..he told us he can't move at all because kai jia was stepping on his foot(very kua jeong la that guy..he told us that kai jia was too heavy..haha !)kai jia so cham..kena tuduh for the whole night..

buat jahat dibalas jahat,tau ? grandma lai bullied the guys a lot and the 3 of them chased after him...grandma lai ran and he like to drag people to "die" with him..soong kena twice and chan kena once..haha..I pity the 2 girls..He actually put his hand over their shoulder so that they wun run away and let them "die" together with him..chan was like "what the hell?" the grandma so ganas !

>>>> fast forward

Finally, we all agreed that we will stop our war until stpm handphone is wet yesterday and I dried it using hair dryer..I hope my phone will be fine..sigh.


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said...

haha..yeah! especially you =)

waihong said...

aiya.....sama-sama mati ma!!
not ganas la juz gv them chance to prove tat they r 'yau 2 hei' punya fren...

xinhui said...

u mean yau yi hei izzit ?ur canton prob la..