Wednesday, September 12, 2007

love love 12092007

I'm happy ,excited and I feel great !! thanks for giving me such a sweet memory !! you guys are so great ! have no idea how happy was I when I first confirmed there is a "suprise party"..I felt my adrenaline rush ! I nearly cried, you know?you guys are great ! I really don't know how to put this in words..but I appreciate what you guys have done. and thanks for ur sekutu-my family !love ya all !mwah !
tanglungs by kai jia

more tanglung and 1/2 ming hau

grandma lai said that is kai jia's hangus chicken
everyone bbq-ing
soong+ sausages+ grandma's hand

They said soong ate all the sausages alone !

soong's yummylicious jelly
(my mom said ur jelly taste superb)
my gorgeous cake
chocolate Indulgence !

my family !
me + soong ..we were the models of the day !
me + y lyng


me and jia

the girls

the guys + me

the gang


kai jia and grandma cleaning up

poow poow and grandma

After that, we had wet wet wild party !

kai jia


ming hau

and my sis..

the guys

and the last group photo !


Last but not least,

Thanks Beatrice, Shu Kien, Man e, yoke lin, hui ying, darren the pretender, kal-son and may lee, see wen(u remembered!), kee joon, iggy, daniel, ning shing and foong yan for the friendster comment !

Thanks caryn, soong, shu kien,michelle,wei yoong the monkey, hwee hsin, ning shing, phoong, chan, hao tim, man e, darren, hang hui,, lin siew, y lyng, ah mee, mei chern, kal-son,annie and finally KAI JIA for the messages!!

Thanks william for the birthday song and darren for the cacated song ! should I forget the guy who wished me one week ago ? pang see wen !! haha..

and thanks to those who called.

thanks for the memories-let the good times roll

arigatou !

p/s: I'll pay back what you have done to me next time especially Mr.Ng Poow Hin !!! and grandma lai is good in doing housework..haha..grandma wearing pink !haha


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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ryn said...

me like ur skirt sista!!

xinhui said...

hmmmm..who is the one girl who ask for more watermelon then ? haha..
caryn-ur sis have taste..haha

IuhniX said...

when I look back at the videos, I can't stop laughing ! omg !