Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mr.Kwan's birthday celebration and a day off !

My class had a birthday party for our chemistry teacher, Mr.Kwan on friday..We had one period to prepare..When we tengah sibuk prepare, some annoying people (gjy) just can't stop commenting on our food 关他屁事 啊? 真 是 的.He said we couldn't finish the food this and that and Mr.kwan will invite his class to join us *he memang dreaming* Let's forget about that guy and proceed to the pictures and videos !!!

Mr Kwan came in and we sang him birthday song !

The fishballs..

Our unique birthday cake ! (made of milo jelly)

The food

My bear

Us and Mr.kwan

His speech

(video courtesy of Bong Mei Fern)

Pn.Tan (Sybill Trelawney) came in and she wanted to teach ! omg ! We all argued with her and she let us continue our partay !! We are bad students because we refuse to clean up the mess so that our teacher won't teach the whole day ! and our plan actually works *happy*


Pn.Tan and I
After she ate her food, she asked us to scribble on the blackboard..and we did !!

Here's our mural painting

Pn.Tan and us (The serious ver)

The crazy ver
After that, Mr.Nawi came in..He saw the food and he merajuk kata nak makan...We scolded him because he's on puasa now he was not suppose to eat during puasa month..When we asked him to take picture with us, he merajuk again..He told us " Cikgu puasa, tak boleh tangkap gambar.." sweat ! But, he managed to take a pic with us before we leave our class.
Me and my classmates..
Me and the guy with megawatt smile -Mr.See Yoon Wang !

Me and my class's treasurer Bong Mei Fern aka Fern jie

Me and "Jolin" Lin Siew
The girl I knew from Acs - Ning Shing and I

Me and "Jay" Siah..
The quiet yet talkative Hwei Nee and I
The forever 幸 福 Sammy and I
Me and genius Jing Yee !

Thanks for everything,upper 6 Izzudin !! Without you guys, I won't know how am I going to survive through my form 6 life !Thanks for the help and advices =)


ryn said...

my 'ex husband's' punya wife punya dad 's bday ar?? haha..tht guys quite cute ler the one with the megawatt smile...shss...dun tell any1 i said tht...:P*wicked*

xinhui said...

hahhaa..yeah..ur ex husband punya wife punya dad punya birthday !! dun worry because maylyn thinks he is cute too !! even ur mom =)

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said...

hmmm..he will be so damn proud if he read this !! haha

Anonymous said...

If the teacher is really so evil, then she will not be giving way for you all to continue messing up your class...

genieve said...

i want to eat all of the fishballs!!!

look so nice!!!!