Monday, November 12, 2007

random 14

Since kai jia told me that she missed me very much..She even asked me study at the library (so that she can see me more often?lolz ) hmm..I don't blame her because I seldom see the 6th formers since 4/11/07..hmmm..kind of miss them also..haha.

Well..nothing special happen in the past two weeks..except for what my sakai neighbour did to the whole neighbourhood ! They were celebrating their son's 10 year old birthday.But..but..but they blast the hindi song with their amplifier for nearly 4 hours ! It was so loud that I can't stay in the living room..I will turn deaf if I stay in the living room..Why can't they be more considerate ?
I've probably gained weight because my parents bought lots of ice-cream and junk food ! gggrr

I went to my family friend house for Deepavali.. ggggrrr..I miss outing !yamcha ! Hang say we should finish our stpm earlier! hahaha..He miss the 6th formers a lot ! I guess..hahaaa
oh hair is longer now !(finally) haha..I will cut it after stpm..hmmm..

okay..that's all from me ! I have to continue my date with mr.chem ! hahaa

Good luck my fellow friends !

lots of love from iuhnix


I miss xin hui said...

hmzzz...I miss those time..
faster finish de stpm n go out wif me..
i'm goin 2 die soon..*sobsob*

Good luck & all de best!!

i miss xin hui said...

n i'll go rasah jaya 2 visit u den go library 2 visit tian..tat's wat my holiday plans..hehehe..


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix said...

yeah ! I'll wait for u,ms.chow

gen said...

i wanna yam cha too!!!

iuhnix said...

no prob gen...let's go yam cha together when u're back..