Friday, November 23, 2007

When you are upset,

you will be happy when someone say this to you..

"dun be sad ...u got a lot a lot more to give"

"oh...dun get disappointed with urself ya..."

or...maybe this one

exam nice ma??
u din c my personal msg ar ?
feel like dying adi
dun say like tat
is like tat de

sounds familiar ? thanks guys !


June_SixTeen said...

good luck for all those paper 2!!!!

iuhnix said...

same to you !

ryn said...

sis neva tok abt me!! :( i teman u on9 for so long

iuhnix said...

hahha..not yet ! later la..i blog about you ! i'm wondering who is teman-ing who *ahem ahem*..hahaa