Thursday, December 6, 2007

random 17

Here's my schedule after stpm
4/12 to 5/12 - genting
6/12 - paartayyy
7/12 - suppose to go to pc fair
8/12- yam cha
8/12 t0 9/12 - watch "one litre of tears"
10/12- might going out with the Izz's gang
11/12 - sing k
12/12 - going to sj
13/12 - ming hau's bd
14/12 to 19/12 - kulai (I want ice-kacang, tomyam and some nice homecook food ! dun worry kai jia ..I will bring you back one day..)
15/12 - Melaka
I will update the details later ! heheee..especially the kulai trip for kai jia~


kien said...

So fun..I wanna go!!:-(

dave said...

ei, i tot the 14th is ming hau's bday?

lol ... i jz tell him u duwan to celebrate wif him

ngek ngek

iuhnix said...

david- it's 13th ! haha..u forgot his birthday ? hahahha..I will tell him ..dun worry

shukien- can..but i tot u hav to attend ur eng class rite ?

dave said...

i din forget ...
i was jz testing u

tml nite ...
its the long awaited s7 gathering