Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The reason I stay online for 7 hours

Hana Kimi Japanese Version ! Caryn told me the japanese version of Hana Kimi is much better than the taiwanese version..I watched it and I have to agree with her !The japanese can act better..errmm..much better ! errr...not forgettting that the actors are much more handsome =)
watch it or else you will regret !
I heart Toma Ikuta! (Nakatsu Suichi aka xiu yi in the taiwan ver)

He is so damn cute !
Then, I remember Hideaki Takizawa

and takashi kashiwabara

okok...I will eat anime and japanese drama throughout this holiday !


June_SixTeen said...

ya..Toma Ikuta is very cute and handsome....i think i shud go n watch this also liao...hehe

iuhnix said...

yeah ! go watch it and u will b in love with him ! just like me *wink*

ryn said...

wads the doggie's name dy
? the panty theft..me like him more..hahha..very notti...i like both of themmmm... wads his name again..the high jumper..he's very hot in hana yori dango(jap's f4 meteor garden)

iuhnix said...

yuchiro -the dog
soma-kun -the guy

kaijia said...

the guys are cute..... i wan watch oso....

iuhnix said...

haha..go watch..go watch..damn nice leh ! hehehee...u will love it !