Friday, January 4, 2008

My Ultimate off day !

Yesterday was my off day! Luckily I have the same off day as soong. *smile* At 10am, I met soong, phoong,beatrice and chan at the Pusat Gymnasium Rakyat. They charge us RM5.oo per session(2 hr). Soong says the gym is our new hangout place. After the gym, we went A&W for lunch and later soong's house to take a bath. oh yeah..we went Ruby for karaoke session tooo ! It was fun !(trust me) and we are so haaappppyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!The four of us got excited !

Beat beat inspired by Eminem !
fat lil sushi !and..andd..the whole form 6 gang(except ming hau,poow and kai jia) went pasar malam ! We bought the food from pasar malam and went curryleaf for yam cha session(updates and more updates !)

For my new year eve celebration, click here. It's a quiet and warm celebration. *wink*


kaijia said...

i seems to really miss a lot of fun... hu hu hu .. wat is tat ah poow doing now? have not seen him around since i come back

iuhnix said...

haha..u juz came back for a week la..go and find him lo..i din c him for a week liao