Friday, January 25, 2008

updates !

How am I ? Well..
I DON'T feel darling is at KL and I can't blog without it ! *sigh*

For now, my life = home -->jusco--> home

My break time is the only period where I can catch up with friends. Since some of the 6th formers are working at jusco now, therefore jusco is like a mini kgv !

Working = boring ! yeah..if and only if there is no new stock and...and..if and only if I don't have to lock myself up in the small store room for hours to arrange the stock *boring*

But..but..there is exception ! We have a regular customer who is very generous..This lady have a cute little baby boy named Daniel...He's cute and we all love him so much ! This lady bought us a Chocolate Indulgence a few days ago because we gave her pressie for her birthday..
Here's my colleagues. Ms Jenny is leaving today *sad*
Working is ain't easy. Can someone give me a large sum of money to stay at home ? I need some rest. I can feel that I'm falling sick soon *cough cough cough*
I can understand man yee's feeling now asI mamak almost everyday! Who don't know where is NS corner now ? That is the place where I can get cheap and nice food..hmmm..I want to eat mee goreng basah !
the conclusion is
work + food - sleep - entertainment + friends +illness = bad life
** Thai fair is around the corner (starting from 31/1/08 - 2/3/08) ! awww..I miss the food ! Kai jia miss it too ! Tell me when you guys are going,k ?


kien said... least i still get de chance 2 disturb u sumtimes..but can't reli tok 2 u..sobsob:'(
take good care of urself,k..dun fall sick!!drink more water..
n i wanna go THAI FAIR!!! wait 4 me!!!

iuhnix said...

yeah..u always come during weekend (peak hour summore)..I miss hanging out with ya all *sigh* what to do ?
haha..can..can.. we go thai fair together

man_yee said...

haha.... mamak~~~
eat until no feel ad....
thai food is coming! i wan to eat mango rice~~~
u get well soon ar~~~ take k :)

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix said...

>> man yee till sick adi tim..

>>sing tian
hahha..kai jia ask us to set a time so that the form 6 gang can go out together..You should see her expression when she heard about THAI FAIR

waihong said...

U sick adi??? aiksss...I can only say 'DAI SEI'! Laugh at me when i sick la....hahhaaha
Ur life is good lor can home>>jusco>>home
Mine?? living room>>bedroom>>living room

Kai jia is unstoppable now!!!

iuhnix said...

>>wai hong
u happy now la..I'm damn sick now..fever+flu+cough+bone aching..but I still have to work..sigh

eveeie said...

thai fair? go together?

kaijia said...
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kaijia said...

CACAT CACAT CACAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my flight to terengganu is on the 31st morning le... i miss the thai fair... can u all plz wait for me... after cny oni we go...

who say i am unstopable.. i can stop whenever i wan... it is just whether i wan or not...

xh.. take good care of urself... take leave if u have to.. i am sure ur boss will allow.. he is a kind man..

iuhnix said...

no prob gen !

--> kai jia
I'm eating bread for 2 days adi..I had fever for 3 days..I took one day leave adi..I also want to recover asap

waihong said...

Grandma! got tat charm onot o?
If I tell u I sakit hati u oso wun believe de la :P
Get well soon la, u very 'strong' de ma!!
Hope there wun be 3rd day of eating bread.

kaijia said...

fever for so many days de? got see doc or not o?

iuhnix said...

yeala..u can go ask javerline how cham am I..
-->kai jia
yeah..tat is bcoz i stayed in d air-conditioned shopping mall for two days and din get enuf rest..I finish my antibiotic adi but still haven recover YET ! oh gosh

darryl said...

OMG... thai fair... i like mango kerabu!!

xinhui take care ah.. dont work till sakit. I cant go Levi's very soon liow, so u jaga jaga laH!! haha