Saturday, February 16, 2008

CNY visiting

Kai jia's house
The keropok lekor below is dedicated to Mr.Chang Wai Hong. ( Kai Jia asked me to upload this pic for you.)
My favourite chocolate chip cookies by Kai jia's mom.awww..I miss shalini (the girl who "rebut" this cookies with me last year)!
Soong's house
Sushi greated us happy new year !
Apparently, everyone is playing with soong's 4-month-old niece..

Choon Siong demonstrating the right way to hold a baby.

It's kai jia's turn ! It's her first time,anyway.
Thai Fair

The food is not as nice as before.
Mr.Goh is still eating like a kid.

Had dinner at "Fei Zhai Restaurant"We ended our trip at poow's house.They turned poow's house into a mini casino.

the end



genieve said...

i miss the lekor!

makes me soo hungry now!!!!!!!

and i wanna play cards!

iuhnix said...

haha..nvm..u will have it when you come back next year..but u must remind kai jia to buy it !