Monday, February 4, 2008

Ms.Chong is too busy

Happy Chinese New Year EVERYONE !!!!

I'm way too busy lately. I have to WORK ! oh gosh~ Chinese New Year is two days away and I have no time to pack my stuff. I'm going back to Kulai on wednesday and will be back to Seremban on saturday. ( See you at levi's *dammit*) I have a problem now. I have too much money but I don't have time to spend it. *self-slap*

To those are driving back to your hometown, drive safely ,ya ?Biar lambat asalkan selamat. Enjoy your new year holiday, friends !


To : Ms.Genieve Chan, Mr.Darryl Ng, Mr.Calvin Lim and Mr.Hafizudin

Happy Farewell !
take care,k ? All the best and enjoy your uni life ! =) we must must must keep in touch.
p/s :photo courtesy of calvin.

>>> Genieve
we go thai fair before you leave,k ? yeah..before 14/02.2008 ! I'll try to make it.
lots of love,


gen said...

hey yes!!! we must go go go thai fair!!!!

waiting for u then we go!!
since u got so much money now, u belanja lah!!

hahahaha :)
take care, be safe!

happy CNY!

IuhniX said...

I will try to make it this wed ! I have to talk to the old man and its going to be tough..