Friday, March 21, 2008

retail therapy works ! girls went shopping AGAIN huh ?
yayaaa..I went midvalley and bangsar wif soong and chan..We shopped for almost-12-hours..
I need retail therapy to comfort myself for getting stupid results(lame excuse huh ?)..Malangnyer, I tak rasa sakit hati pun after spending a large sum of money..I'm not guilty at all..Well, the only thing that I can say now is there goes my march's salary !hancur..mampus (eleh, baru nak menyesal ni)For your info, I only work for 12 days for march ,k ?
I need to stay at home for the rest of the month starting from tomorrow..great!
Did I tell you that I have either three or four-kl-sj trip waiting for me? SIGH ~
p/s: I need someone to sponsor me now !


darryl said...

I sponsor you okay? But i need you to advertise my product.. that is KNIKE.. I'll sponsor ... come australia sign contract.. I'm waiting ok? =P

iuhnix said...

what's knike ?I'll fly over to australia if u r willing to sponsor me.dun worry=)

genieve said...

hahahhahhaa...mingjie is always so random.

okayy okayy..i wanna shop badly and only in malaysia!

i hate aus's currency. period.