Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm super tired

Happy birthday !

Yesterday was choon siong's birthday and today is gorilla tan's birthday. Me,chan and soong bought choon siong this starbuck's rocky road cake. We laughed throughout the night and shared lots of ghost stories.
We were like :
" eh,don't scare us la !"
" Why doI feel so cold?"
"wei,stop it la..I still have to drive home by myself."
"This reminds me of another story I heard from my friend."
"enough !enough! save it for our pd trip.."

In the end, we all went home around 12 something. Damn kesian the guys because we kept telling them not to look at the mirrors, this and that. Nah..the birthday guy was so happy and he actually told me "thx for the haha and hehe and syok sendiri party"

Me, chan and soong had sleepover at soong's place. We didn't have a actual sleepover for quite long already.When was the last time huh ? The shocking part was the three of us managed to stayed up till 7am and woke up around 11am ? (I don't really remember) geng right ? Caryn will get what I mean. Chan broke her record actually for not being sleepy for hours. All we did was get our nails done, listen to leslie chung's song(thanks to soong) , gossips and waiting for "step up 2" to load. However, we didn't watch "step up 2" in the end. We were toooo busy yesterday night.


kaijia said...

luckily i went home earlier.. or else sure neeed to listen to all those ghost stories...

darryl said...

Nice to here that you guys are enjoying!

iuhnix said...

-->kai jia
nah..we wun talk bout the ghost story if u r there..
--> darryl
thanks. enjoy urself tooo !

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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