Sunday, May 25, 2008

Popular Book Fair 2008

Some of the English book is on sales now. The book "P/S I love you"(paper bag) by Cecelia Ahern cost only RM23.10.There's other books but I don't remember the titles. I got this "Honk! If you're Malaysian" from the book fair.

My cousin and I find that the books from Taiwan are not cheap at all but some of the publisher do give discount(20%). There's plenty of magazines(written in mandarin-eg:popteen) are on sales now.

(I got this book recommended by Chin Sean a long time ago)

The CDs and VCDs is a must buy item. The album of hongkong(eg:Eason Chen) and taiwan(eg:Vanness, "Nan quan mama") singers cost only RM 9.90 ! and the CDs of Black Eye Peas, P.O.D,Fort Minor and a lot more are very cheap (price ranged from RM 9.90 to RM 19.90). Oh yeah, to those who love hongkong/japanese/korean dramas and anime, make sure you will visit the book fair. The VCDs are freaking cheap !

(Linkin Park album for RM19.90)
If you happen to pass by Hall 2 (where you can see people selling stationary), check out the stuff sold by A.E.I.O.U. They are doing promotion now.

Buy 1 free 1,

Buy 2 free 3,

Buy 3 free 4,

and Buy 4,free 6.
(only apply to certain items)

Each of them cost RM 11.90 (small) or RM 26.90 (big). There are 10 designs and each of them have name)

Meet Button-my new bear


I'm childish. I know.
Nicholas Teo and the author of Mr.Midnight -James Lee were there too.

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