Friday, August 8, 2008

Amin's com night!

First, let me explain to you what is com night. Com night stands for college night and com night is held to "welcome" the first year "chinese" student.(Note: underground activities *ssshhhh*) Well, we have 5 pairs of candidate aka those bakal com king/com queen. For my group, our candidates are Pei Shyen and Khai Yee. We did a ala high school musical drama for our performance. Our group was special because we were the only group that speak english in our drama. What to do ? We copy took everything from 6Izz's orientation week drama.

This is our group picture after our last practise.
Hehehe..this is my heels for the night. cool right ?

The girls+ the candidates

The guys

The candidates.
and this is group E's candidate.

After com night, photo taken with Wai Yiu, Kumaran and Kai Loun.

Me, Kuan Yoke(my roommate), Syea Hui and Hui Yi.

Us with the current amin's pbc president and our hamper! Apparently, we were the most energetic throughout the night. Well, we did sacrifice a lot to get that hamper ,okay ?I won't tell you how..haha..
(From left: Pei Shyen, Wai Yiu, the president guy, Hui Chien,Khai yee, Jack, Zhen Hao, Yin Chuan and Michelle in the middle, Wen Fung(the guy in blue jacket), Neo, Ben, Terence, Hui Yi, Me, Kuan Yoke)
The current residents of college amin.(not all of them actually)
Photos courtesy of Yin Chuan and Pei Shyen.


darryl said...

com night? for chinese only? can meh? not racist? the president looks malay wo, how can?

lol.. sounds fun though

iuhnix said...

yeah..kan dah cakap underground=illegal activities ! The president is orang sban from chan wa summore ! mana ada malay ?

kaijia said...

ei, u looked nice... first time seeing u wear this kind of clothes.. impressing... but y some wear very nice, some very casual de?