Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pesta Konvo UKM 2008

Kai jia is going to love this place.Let me present you the "dataran" for pesta konvo.
CEMPEDAK ! (Kai Jia, it's cempedak !!)
and...ROOT BEAR !(They charged us RM4 for a cup of rootbear float *uggghhh* but I couldn't resist the temptation..sigh..)
I spent a lot of money in less than an hour there. *sigh* I ate like a pig there and I still have two packets of keropok in my cupboard. hehehee..Food reserve is essential when you live in the hostel. I was too hungry that day and I ended up eating most of the food there. My roommate was like looking at me.I think I did scare her, huh ? hahaha..


kaijia said...

omg... i love the foodd.. u very bad la.. always post this kind of blog.. later, i will show u some nice food pics oso as revenge... u see la...

IuhniX said... ? how ? I will wait then..