Thursday, October 2, 2008

holiday updates 2

I was reading soong's "I'm an ultimate procrastinator" post just now.
I couldn't help but agree with her
because I'm an ultimate procrastinator too!
I haven't touch my inorganic chem tutorial homework yet
but...but...I'm studying for it now..
Do you know that...
I was so bertekad and I slept for 3 hours after reading one page of my notes?
very productive right ?
Hence, I can't come back for my study break.
Or else, I will spend the whole week sleeping.

Well..well..It is a different story at all when it comes to dramas/anime
I could stay up to 3am in the morning just to finish all the episodes.
Bah...How I wish someone turn all the lecture notes into anime/drama now!

p/s: We had so much fun for our mini 6A Izz's gathering. Not forgetting all the screaming and laughing. We shall have another one during our sem break ! heehheee..I'm so happy now!

pp/s: Girl, please update your blog before your friends burn it.I'm waitinggg...

ppp/s: ryn, go watch vampire knight and La Corda Doro ! The guys are hot !How I wish that they are real.

pppp/s: You all should go and watch Mamma Mia ! Pierce Brosnan is hot ! He can actually sing and dance.



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darryl said...

walao.. why sound so like me.. LOL.. drama till 3am can wo, open book saja yawning.. HAHAHAHA

i finished 3 dramas in 2 weeks and about 10 movies.. you say i die or not..

now heroes season 3 keluar somemore, i really no need go uni adi.. HAHAHA

shhh.. this is suppose to be a secret

IuhniX said...

haha..really? ming jie, u r better than me bcoz u watched 10 movies !

I think right..we can open one special uni and student will watch dramas as their assignment and their exams will be based on the dramas.hmmm..sounds good!

okay..I'll keep it as a secret.sssshhhhhh

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said...

weird right ?we don't feel sleepy when we watch dramas but once we look at the book, we will easily fall asleep.

ryn said...

haha..i tengok wayang til 7am n i oni spend 2 hrz in lib n 1 sub topic. im stil in tht chap 3. cham rite?
movies here very slowwwwwww:( n no movie
u get me fan pan dvd k!

IuhniX said...

fan pan dvd? aku pun lama tak beli la..u bukan ada kai gor yang jual ke ?i get u pan mee can la..haha
I think all dragon are like that la..yeah..