Friday, November 14, 2008

Not your ordinary way of eating oats

It is impossible to cook in hostel as they don't provide stove for us.
When I first enrolled into Ukm, Phoong told me that there's a thing called instant oatmeal and she eat it everyday.
Instant oatmeal ? Just add hot water into the cup and your oat is ready to be serve?
sounds great right ?especially when you are living in a hostel.
Okay, let me show you how to eat your oats in a different way.
First, you need a packet of instant oatmeal.
Second, fill your cup with oats.

Then, add a little amount of water. Stir it.
After that, add one sache of 3-in-1 milo.

and mix it.

Voila !
There you go.
Instead of adding milo, you can add chicken floss.
It's yummy.
Trust me.
p/s:Jangan pandai-pandai add a lot of water for this two recipe because it will taste differently.


mich said...

dear xin hui...
how come ur oat looks so thick de?
u could even add in raisins,it taste nice!!n more convenient than yoke sui as staying away from home!!
i take oats too some of the mornings!!

IuhniX said...

i meant chicken floss.I prefer thick oat rather than the watery type. hehee

IuhniX said...
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ryn said...

looks digusting....:P

G said...

i know i know!

i used to live in hostel too. and we are so trained to cook absolutely everything only with a microwave. special skill learned.

darryl said...

looks yuck.. LOL.. i stay hostel so long also never eat like this b4.. lol..

but Gen is worse.. in fact, nothing to describe her, got microwave also say this is special skill learned.. MICROWAVE GIRL.. MICROWAVE can basically cook everything, no need for Xin Hui's recipe... but i salute whoever founded this recipe.. i got to try it one day.. :D

IuhniX said...

look yuck but taste nice!
haha..darryl, you have to salute me because I create this recipe. lol

ryn said...

looks...i eat oatmeal too..but i use the jap rice mix with different flavor and vegemite( aussie version of marmite)...u shud try!...

or can eat with honey... but i haven try tht b4

jamie said...

disgusting betul..haha

jamie said...

disgusting betul..haha

IuhniX said...

japanese rice mix with different flavour of ?If I bring marmite, I need fridge to keep it right ?I don't have fridge here.

-->chai mee
disgusting but nice!

michelle said...

seriously...really looks bu ka wei!!
but sure it taste nice lo coz it's out xin hui's recipe!!
hehe...i'll try it someday with ur recipe!!create more recipes throughout ur few yrs of studies there heh!!=p

IuhniX said...

hahhaa..thanks michelle for supporting me ! ei, looks yucky because I didn't add water at all after I add the milo powder. I don't want oat in milo. I want milo powder in oat.

michelle said... milo powder??
btw..i've tried ur recipe...hmm
taste not bad but vy re chi!!

IuhniX said...

yeah..have to drink lots of water after that..