Thursday, November 6, 2008

spm take two ?

This is the amount of subject I took for my first sem.

25 cred hours and 9 subject.

I feel like I'm taking spm exam again except that I have less subject this time.

3 down and 6 more to go.


I died this morning.

Not physically or physiologically but mentally.

Organic chemistry did the same old thing to me this year.

Now, Mr.Chem decided to kill me again.

By the moment I look at the questions, I wanted to leave the exam hall so badly.

The essays question is a killer.

It covers 80% of that paper. oh man..

80% is too much la wei

I don't think I can even score 10% of the paper.

sad right ?

Wait...I don't hate organic chemistry !

Organic chemistry was my favourite(in form 6) among the three chem subject.

I was good at it until the stpm exam.

But, I guess Mr.Chem hate me so much that he had decided to kill me twice. Sigh

Therefore, I wish all the best to those who are taking chemistry and biochem because you are going to study lots of organic chemistry..luckily, I'm not one of them.

Mr.Organic Chem, I bid you good bye.

Please leave my life forever and ever.

Aku bukan kucing dan aku tidak mempunyai sembilan nyawa.

Sekian, terima kasih.


darryl said...

nice notes! if i had that, i wouldnt have passed a-level, it's too attractive.. i will stare at it.. :D

all the best in your exam k

me habis.. WAKAKAKAAKA

IuhniX said...

hahhaa..that was my form 6 notes..cakap awal-awal ma..i can lend u to have a photocopy. kalson has it if im not mistaken. dunno he copy the whole thing or ask people to photocopy.

I'm not jealous of you..I'm not ! I got 1 week plus left saje..hehee..

ryn said...

me love org chem!!!!!!! but i bid farewell to it too last sem...enuf of chem for me

IuhniX said...

haha..caryn, ur course is chem eng le..mana boleh enuf chem for u ?

ryn said...

lolz...but i dun need to take anymoree....but stil got bio stuff lar.... now its all phy n math for more chem

iuhnix said...

i have more chem in the coming years. have to do 3 lab a week d for my 2nd year. I wonder whether I can survive through my 2nd year or not. I don't like lab work.