Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey there !
Happy Chinese New Year !!!!
angpau mari mari !!
How are you ?

I've been MIA for one week.

This is the summary what I've been doing so far.
  • I drove more than 600km for the past few days.
  • I crossed 5 states in a day.
  • I ate like a pig and successfully developed the "over-eating-syndrome".
  • I revise my Jap language today.
  • I ate all the food I miss in Kulai.
  • I met Lula, the first golden retriever bitch I know.
  • Lots of catch-up with my cousins.
  • I decided to step one step forward.
  • I'm going to meet them later at 10am !

Woohoo...details later okay ??

xoxo, xinhui

1 comment:

darryl said...

good to see you yesterday.. i know i wont catch you during my hols adi one.. you so busy..

all the best in your new year and in your studies k! see ya