Thursday, March 26, 2009

Field Trip to Mersing

I was forced to go Mersing last weekend for my co-curriculum subject. It's compulsory as it carry 40% of my final exam. T__T

It suppose to be a pembersihan pantai project but the villagers change it to their project. The pembersihan pantai is only a small part of their project. The muslim students had prayers, parade and a lot of things to do. The non-muslim students just eat and sleep through the weekend. When I was in the room, I sleep like nobody business. When I stepped out of the chalet, I ate like a pig. very relax right?

Back to the activities, my chalet mates and I went kepoh-ing during the masak bubur lambuk session. I'm glad that I was there! It was super duper fun! And the bubur lambuk taste awesome!
They used ikan kembung, pucuk paku(a kind of paku-pakis), black pepper and salt.
During the preperation process..

Bubur lambuk! The malay aunties asked me to give a try. I stirred the porridge with the wood thingy and it was very heavy. After ten minutes, one Malay aunty couldn't stand me and she took the thing away from me. :(
I ate 3 bowls of bubur lambuk until the ketua kampung and my lecturer can recognized my face. My roommate did the same thing too! lol
Yeah, our chalet was next to the beach.

Last but not least, random pictures!
My favourite picture - roommate collecting sea shells.
I took this around 7am? I love the sky colour.

More post coming up next ! :)


darryl said...

your uni life very interesting hor.. but i tak boleh tahan those activities de.. boring

Lisa ^^, said...

Nice pics!! :P

iuhnix said...

darryl -->It's boring but for the sake of 40%, everyone has to do it! lol

Lisa-->I'm trying hard to improve my photography skill now. :)