Saturday, March 7, 2009

Transition camp 28/2/09-1/3/09

It was held at Port Dickson. We stayed in a very nice place and the beach is just right in front of us. :)
You might wondering what kind of transition camp is that ? Well, it is a camp held by the seniors to transit their knowledge to us so that we are well prepared for the next term.

Just let the pictures do the talking okay ?

Me, Sook Chan in black and Yi Ni in white at the Bangi petronas station.

Since, it is a transition camp, we have lots of discussion in just two days. There's powerpoint presentation, debate and team building sessions.

Part of the team building session. We were divided into 2 groups and we were asked to send two strongest team member out without knowing that we have to carry them. It was fun because my group won the game. :)

Another team building game.8 people in 4 chairs. We have to keep passing the chair in order to get to the final destination. Barbeque night ! This is something new for all of us because we were told to barbeque french roll. It was delicious and maybe we should try it again in our next barbeque gathering. :)

How could we forget to campak-orang-ke-dalam-laut? 5 guys and 3 girls went in to the sea and the rest just stay at the beach. However, these 8 people got gatal and they begin to drag the rest into the sea.

Everyone is running for their life ! I'm glad that my stamina is not that bad. At least, I manage to run very fast and not being caught by them.

Yi Ni, got sent to the sea. See how they carry the victim ? They will carry you like that and just throw you into the sea.Oooucchh !

We also have a mini birthday celebration at the beach.
This is known as the "happy corner".Last but not least, group pictures !
The seniors and juniors.
My department photo! Yeah, I'm the only girl in the department.

The new Managing Team.

More pictures in facebook!


darryl said...

why your uni life like so fun de? lol

iuhnix said...

hahaa..yes!yes! I got more story to tell le..Will tell you the details when I got the time. :)