Friday, June 5, 2009


Finally, a proper post since..........
Had 6 Izz gathering on the 4th of June.
And only THREE of us turn up!
I hate calling people for gathering/yam cha lately.
They will take their own sweet time to reply msgs. I wonder why
Back to the gathering,
Mr William sang chinese song with the help of "han yu pin yin".
Who say banana can't sing chinese song huh ? *no offence, ya?*
They didn't let us sing for the whole 3 hours.
Bad Green Box Seremban 2. They chased us out after 2 hours and 45 minutes. Never go there during holiday season. sigh
Karaoke was fun! Miss the yelling and screaming a lot !
However, we took some picture but I only upload two here because Ms.Low said she need to do some quality check before I publish all the pictures. lol

As you know, we were chased out from Green Box and we have nothing to do in Jusco anymore.

William suggested city park as it was still early and yam cha was at 930pm.
Was truly inspired by "American Next Top Model".

Darn. I need a digicam.
I had lots of fun today. Ms Low cracked lots of jokes today to make us laugh. She is very creative.
And...and...yam cha/dinner with ah mee was fun !
William shared his experience in UM.
You wouldn't want to know what happened.
Ahhhh..I miss gathering like this.
There will be another one soon. soon...
I will end this post with this picture !

So, till then.


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

OMG!!! You caught me red handed with my printed-out lyrics! How embarassing! Hahahaha....

How come so few of YOUR pictures? Alah...don't care bout Wye Lyng lah. Fat means fat lah. You see 'Fei Tin'! She's fat but sooooo pretty and adorable! :) Put up your pretty pictures, Xin Hui!

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Eh...Xin Hui! How come I can't copy the pictures out? Can you kindly please upload them at Facebook??

darryl said...

bananas can be planted in china too, and they learn.. :D

so nice lar you all can do gathering.. i miss having yam cha session.. T.T

so i heard yum cha place has taken a change of fate, no longer at SM or S2 oppo jusco d... where now?

iuhnix said...

--> William
dont worry..I will upload it at Fb. hahaha.y lyng very yim jim la...very very very yim jim

--> Darryl
this is the first time I heard of that theory.

We haven't got a confirm place yet. still switching from place to place. There's one tmr at SM. =)

+ Ning Shing + said...

wah...ameriacan next top model!!! cool!!nx gathering i wan to be there...hahahaa

iuhnix said...

ahha make sure you will be there

Lisa ^^, said...

OMG. Potential models semua nieeeee XD

lol. William. roflol