Friday, July 17, 2009

Project 365

07- 13/7/09

Went to MAKNA office for expectation setting.08- 14/07/09

Did a simple body checkup during Hari Pembukaan FST.

They said I need to train my leg muscle more :(

Everything is fine except the fact that I'm low blood pressure. 09- 15/07/09
The BSMM members had Malam Suai Kenal at my college.
The first year fill the whole foyer.
Not enough space to sit pun.
Do you know why ?
We wrote "Semua Tahun 1 WAJIB hadir"
we accidentaly force them to attend. lol

10- 16/07/09

This is a very long story.
Accidentaly bump into him in the komuter.
Realized that it was Midvalley JCard Day.
Met him after getting my work done.
And he spent more than RM 200 on shopping :x

11- 17/07/2009
We found the OCP for EYLN !
woooohooooo !
p/s: This is not a new picture but who cares ?
We found a new OCP !
Okay lar..I made my new timetable today.
This is my new timetable without tutorials.
Hope the lecturers will cancel all tutorial class

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