Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend

27- 3/10/2009
Had a four hours nap after confirming that kai jia is busy and we are not allowed to kacau her at all.
And this big butt was right in front of my face when I woke up last saturday. Believe me or not but the owner of this big butt is like the doctor of my family. She can cure insomnia, gastric and even headache. I'm not sure if its our psychological thinking but it's proven among our family members. Maybe it's just us.
Flora's big butt
The whole family went to my dad's friend's daughter marriage. Had buffet lunch there and the door gift was good. I had a porcelain heart shape thingy with Daim's chocolate. The food was nice especially the beef. The meat was soft and tender. :)
Malay wedding gift-4/10
Nothing can beat waking up at my own bed in Seremban with the elephant which have a big tummy. hahaha..She's cute right ? She never fails to entertain us.
lazy bumb

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