Monday, November 9, 2009

36- A break from studies

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Had a great food outing after exam.
Went for lunch at 3 something and ended up at secret recipe for dessert.
They are having promo now. Free coffee/organic tea when you purchase a slice of cake.
I'm sure that i'm going to gain weight this week.
I had chocolate indulgence few days ago.
Omg. how sinful is that.
I just lost 2 kg last week and I dont want it to come back.
Hmm..maybe more cereal in the coming 3 days and stop going out for food.
But, can I resist the temptation ? difficult decision LOL


ryn said...

aww man..i likeee ur template!!

IuhniX said...

hahah..thanks !

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Wanna lose weight??? Forget bout it lah!!! You all have to join me as my kaki makan for my Project-kappa leh! Hahaha......BBQ crabs are waiting for us! :P

IuhniX said...

BBQ crabs ?hahaha..when?
I will surely join you if I'm in sban :)

Kate said...

like your template too!

IuhniX said...

thanks gen! urs is nice too !