Saturday, December 19, 2009

41-The fun time

41- 18th dec 2009.
Day trip to Malacca with them after so long.
It was fun and Avatar was a good movie. :)
Not forget the traffic jams that make us stuck at Malacca for few hours in the town area.


darryl said...

whoa.. all potential models leh

xinhui, can you tell me simply the places of interest in melacca? i havent been there for a century but i might be bringing a bunch of people to visit msia for a week so it's best i know some places to visit in melacca lo..

how are you guys? i miss you all so much, and i definitely missed many of your gatherings.. sigh

see you guys in jan

IuhniX said...

Hmmm..I have no idea either.
Portugese settleman ?I heard its very pretty now during christmas.
You just need to walk around the red house area. everything is there.
Jia say u can spend at least half a day there !
Poow say Zoo Malaka is fun too !
We wanted to go but we dont have time. You can go to buaya farm also.

when are you coming back ?

darryl said...

i only go back in 20 jan ler.. so cannot see the portugese settlement adi..

thanks for your suggestions and i shall see what i can do!

IuhniX said...

hahaaa..go somewhere for new year then. there's A Famosa and a lot more

estelle said...
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