Thursday, February 4, 2010

46- 3/2/2010

If you are wondering what are they doing, they are doing a presentation on HPLC.
When the lecturer said that they want creative presentation, it will ended up with lots of singing and dancing while neglecting the professional part. You have no idea how they sang through the whole presentation.

47- 4/2/2010
Made fried banana chips for my food preservative lab !
It look so yummy and crunchy ! :)


darryl said...

fried banana chips is not healthy! it contains free radicals that is harmful for your body. eat strawberries which is high in anti-oxidant after eating these chips..

wait, who's the food scientist here?

IuhniX said...

lol. I know that it is not healthy and we are testing for the effectiveness of BHA(antioxidant)