Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jalan-jalan at N9

I invited a few friends over to seremban yesterday. 3 of them turned up and we had a good time together. First was dim sum breakfast at Ming Kok and we went to Sri Menanti Palace after breakfast. It was my first time there and the view was awesome

Us chilling at the top floor of Sri Menanti Palace before people start intruding our personal space. :(
View from the top floor ! awesome right ?
Then, we departed for Jelita Ostrich Farm. It was my second visit there. Ramiro sign up himself for ostrich race. Everything was good until I found out myself got sunburn in the evening.
The guy at the Ostrich farm told us that Jeram Toi was near the ostrich farm. Hence, we quickly ask for directions and went there immediately. It was the right thing to do at that time because the weather was real hot. But, we didn't bring any clothes to change. Only Ramiro brought his extra baju. The three of us sat on the stone and dipped our feet into the icy cold water. We should go there more often as the water is really nice there ;)
We went back to Seremban town after that. Had cendol and siew pao for tea time and steamboat for dinner. The last thing we did was spending almost 45 minutes at the lake garden's roundabout taking jump shot. lol. It was the funniest experience ever. :D
61- 20/3/2010 Outing at N9 :)

-Sigining off-


darryl said...

unbelievable.. is that seremban?

darryl said...

i mean, sri menanti

IuhniX said...

yes ming jie. mayb we should go there one day