Saturday, April 3, 2010

Graduation Night

65- 31/03/2010 Graduation Night

It was AIESEC graduation night last wednesday for term 2009/2010. It was good to see everyone there and it was even great to win the Best Performing Department Award from Jing Wen. I didn't knew that ICX is able to win that award. We had been through tough times without a leader and I'm glad that we manage to pull through it and our effort was recognized by the LCP. Kudos to my beloved team mates. <3

On that night, we had an one and half hour dedication session. We wrote sugarcubes for each other and I couldn't help to agree that it was a good idea because we had the chance to say what we want to say to everyone. But, we had fun rushing each other to finish their card as we were passing the cards around. Ramiro teased Neo for writing the same sugarcube for everyone. After that, we had sharing session.

I'm now standing almost at the end of the term looking back at what I've done in the past 2 years. It was a great learning experience and it had impacted me a lot. Not forgetting that it was a great chapter of my University life so far. We have 3 more months to go and I really want to achieve the promise made in the beginning of our term.


I first joined AIESEC when I was in first year. I remember walking alone at Pusanika looking at booth where all the society post up their information. It was the Club Promotion Week after MMP. I remember that it was Anne and Sharon at the booth. My first event was AIESEC Night and it was a blast. I remember how excited I was back then after AIESEC Night. It was full of inspiration. The next inspiration I found in AIESEC was during MyLDS 08. Then, I took up the opportunity to be part of EYLN 09. It was a great experience to be part of EYLN heroes. I love my JD a lot and how EYLN connects me to where I am now. I was incharge of matching interns for the project and I'm now in the ICX department. Being an ICXer is not about matching interns, but it also puts me in the situation that require me to deal a lot with companies.

I found that all the CEOs and Managers are interesting people and they are not as scary as they seem. I enjoyed talking to them. I was offered to work in three different companies in the same year but my graduation is 2 years away.They told me that they were impressed with what AIESECers do, how we manage to juggle between studies and our voluntary work in AIESEC. It was indeed S.H.I.T(Super High Intensive Training) and I had learnt a lot from it. I mean where on earth can we have a manager sitting down with you helping you to figure out your future career path? I already had two consultation so far and it really open my view on different things. :)

I love my friends made in AIESEC, I love my interns and I love how we can connect to the world the network that we have in @. I had made friends with people from 20 different countries and I'm going to visit some of them in this coming semester break. Not forgetting my europe trip after graduation or next year during the May semester break. I guess I just need to work harder to fullfill my dream and make it come true.

I didn't continue my journey as EB next term and it was the most difficult decision so far. I had talked to so many people and got different perspective from all of them. Would like to thank them personally especially Judd and Sash who made the trouble to help me. Well, I would say that I'm looking at different perspective right now and I want something more. I'm going for Exchange this coming semester break and might be doing a part time CEEDership there. And I'm up for more challenges when I'm back from my internship. My passion towards the organization did not fade and I do want to know what is waiting for me after my internship and how I can contribute more to the organization =)

Last but not least, thanks for giving me The Presidential Award. It was very motivating and I promise that we will win something from AMAN 2010 by the end of this year. :)
It's good..It's good..It's good to be an AIESECer ! <3
This is my AIESEC journey and what about yours? ;)


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