Saturday, April 10, 2010

random 29

Exam is just 1 and half day away
I'm currently sitting at the regular spot in my room and I want to blog.
I miss writing random stuff in my blog.
I just post up pictures for my project 365 (which is still a failure as I didn't update it everyday) and make you ponder what's the exact story that happened behind it.
Once again, I'm standing at the end of my second year in UKM.fml
It was the same as the first semester of my 2nd year in uni because I can only remember the beginning and the end of the semester and I can't recall what happened in between the 14 weeks of semester. fmlfml
But, I really want to have a perfect ending for my 2nd year in UKM.
And hence explain my development traineeship to China.
I will be staying with a host family there and I wonder if they will be as nice as my host family back in Jp.
I will be working with kids.
I will be working with Nike to organize a huge event at the city center of DaLian.
And then, I will go to Beijing after my internship ends. Not forgetting ShangHai, HangZhou, SuZhou and maybe Hong Kong ! I already got a tour guide in HK and all I need is a place to stay. ;)
come me at China or Hongkong :)
Can't wait to stay in the backpacker inn and meet more people from all around the world
Oh wait.
I need to study for my 10 exam, pack my stuff, book my flights and plan for my trips in 3 weeks time.
*finger crossed*

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