Friday, July 16, 2010

They make a cake for you in 15 mins

As I mentioned earlier, my friends and I planned a birthday suprise for my buddy. We told him that we will have lunch together at 12pm and hence it is logic for us to get the cake at 1145 am right? Consider the fact that we just need to choose, wrap and pay. But, it is different in China. Way different.

My friend and I told the lady in the shop that we want this cake. We expect her to get the cake, pack and bring it to the counter. But, it didn't happen. First, she ask us to pay first. Then, she told us that they are making the cake. We were like wtf? We asked her what does she mean by making the cake now? We were worried that we need to wait for a very long time for the cake. They mentioned make, not bake.

We waited until we saw a girl, decorate a sponge cake with icing and start to decorate the sponge cake to look exactly like the one above. So, it is true that they are making the cake as the sponge cake was pre-baked.

15 minutes later, they came out with the final product which look exactly like the one above.
Impressive right ?Me and my malaysian friend was seriously za dao by their amazing idea. We ask one of our china friend later and she said most of them sell their cake like that as they were worried that they can't sell them off before the cake's expiry date. Only those expensive cake shop sell fresh baked cake like the ones we have in Malaysia.I still prefer the Malaysian ones as the one we bought has no taste at all and the sponge cake taste real bad. :(


KwOnG FeI said...

on the spot decoration..nt bad.. haha..
if they couldnt sell, they only rugi for the sponge cake and not de decorative item materials..

IuhniX said...

yeah. they are smart but hope that malaysia wont do the same thing or else we will be eating decorated-sponge cake only.