Monday, August 23, 2010


It was raining cats and dogs at UKM lately. And the BEST thing ever happened to me. I'm currently staying at first floor of my 4 storey block. I have no idea how the water came into my block. The water just came out from the back of the staircase. It was like magic. And guess what happened later? I saw my bathroom slipper soaking itself it the rain water. I'm quite unfortunate I would say as the floor is slanting towards my side and that explain the accumulation of water infront of my room instead of other people. :(
I quickly grabbed two stack of newspaper from my car to dry the floor as the water has flow into my room. fml
In the end, I swept the water and poured it outside of my block so that my room can stop flooding. :( What a day
81- 17/8/2010 Flood

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