Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dogathon 2010

1- Meet Mr.Bethoven/St.Bernard. There's one uncle who owns two Bethoven. They are huge one and they salivates a lot. They are the only two Bethoven there. According to the uncle, it is very difficult to take care of it. One of the dog had changed its owner 4 times before the uncle took over.

2-Retrievers but I think their fur is not as nice as the retrivers I had seen before.

3-Retriever No.2

4-The tired dog after a race. It refuse to get up at all. so cuteee

5-Chow Chow is so so so cute ! Fat and fluffy. hahhaa..But it is not easy to take care of it since they need cold weather due to the thick fur. The owner said that the dog have to sleep in the air-con room sometimes.

6- Miniature Schnauzer is <3

7-The Siberian Husky.

8- More Husky.

9-Mr.Rotweiler. I notice that most rotweiler are owned by Indians.

10- The pet trolley. Trust me, she's not the only one.

11- One of my favourite.


13- The most friendly husky. Perhaps it is very tired because it will just sit there and let you pet it.

14- Reminds me a lot of a teddy bear.

15-We met two guy with three dogs. All of them are poodle but there's something different between them. According to him, this is the standard size poodle and it is only 8 months old.

16- This is a toy poodle and it is already 11 years old.

17-My friend with the two years old miniature poodle.

18-kawaii right ?

19- The Husky Gathering

20-Last but not least, this is the one of the good looking retriever I saw at dogathon. look at its fur!
I did hope that I can see my ultimate favourite-the old english sheepdog there but it is quite impossible in Malaysia. But, thanks wye lyng for the reminder. <3

the end

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