Monday, August 30, 2010

Over the weekend

It has been an interesting weekend so far. Not forgetting my self-declared holiday! =)

I spend two days working as sampling promoter at one of the shopping mall. It was an interesting experience especially working with the aunties. They are happy people and they helped me a lot by giving me lots of free food sample and helping me to finish all my sampling The people there are very nice. It reminds me a lot of my first sampling experience back in 2008. omg. It was already two years ago.

Then, I went to one of the company(Second world largest in the industry) at Seremban today to discuss about my internship details. I'm given RM500 allowance but I have to work from 8am-5pm from Monday to Saturday. I was given the option to choose between QC and Production and I chose Production. Mainly is because I don't want to stay in the lab forever just to collect data. The PIC told me that I will be handling projects and they will try to achieve what I want from this internship. Not bad huh?
I just realize that I got a misscall from the cocoa company on saturday. I didn't know what it was them until I check my notebook this morning. dang! Should I call them back or wait for them to call me again? I had already confirm a company and I have to reject the one which call me few weeks ago(I just realize that I didn't keep their number at my phonebook. fml lar.)

I think my CV is really something after getting 4 positive replies from 5 application. And I didn't even write my result. =))


Kate said...

congrats! it is something!!

iuhnix said...

thank you ! :)