Sunday, September 26, 2010


Things were terribly wrong lately.
Back-to-back lab work marathon, newly assigned projects, midsems and etc.
Sometimes I'm glad with the decision that I've made few months ago. The level of stress which I'm facing right now is different from the one I had for the past 2 years. My stakeholder are my lectures and my group members. But, sometimes I do ask myself what if a different decision were made? Now, I spend more time with my coursemates. I have more time for myself and also enjoying the freedom which I have been longing for. But, sometimes is wrong inside. I can't find the same passion in everything I do anymore. I felt that my soul is no longer with my body. I'm doing everything for the sake of doing it. Nothing make me excited/happy anymore. I don't feel the excitement anymore. Everything seems normal to me. I need some spice in my life right now. I think I might need a new social circle. A new direction or a new passion for me to divert all my energy to. I will start searching by the end of October, when the nightmare ends. October will be a hellish month by looking at the calender. 5 presentations, 5 assignments/project submission and also final exam preparation. I'm going to have paper everyday from 25th to 29th of Oct and all of them are my majors. fml.

I wonder when was the last time I had the genuine laugh. I wonder when.


estelle said...
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iuhnix said...

yeapp. when october ends =)

G said...

Try going to church. It helps ;) takecare and all the best in your finals!

ryn said...

Actually i feel the same, i work so much but i dont feel happy. I buy stuff but i dont feel happy. I dont know wad i want any more.

iuhnix said...

u need to find out what makes u happy. probably travel? might change ur perspective.