Tuesday, October 26, 2010


About the cereal that I had mentioned earlier, I tried it yesterday. It taste better than I expected. I think they used honey as one of their ingredient as it is not as chocolate-ish as I expected. Well, it is still good consider that the fact that I didnt feel thirsty at all after eating it. It doesnt taste sweet like other product in the market right now. I expect more alphabet instead of just ABC. I guess I will just eat the As so that I can score more As in exams.

Gahh...I'm done with 3 subjects now. Gonna finish the remaining 4 soon. I find it difficult to concentrate at night. very difficult. How to do exam marathon la like that? Maybe I should keep chanting 'sem break starts next week sem break start next week sem break start next week..... ' hope it works this time !

Till then,

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