Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bonanza day !

98- 12/10/2010
Had early birthday celebration for chin chun because the nutrition major people(us) have exam next wednesday. We had fun time at the arcade and I found the most expensive foosball game ever. RM0.50 for one ball. At first I thought 50 cent for a game is pretty cheap. Not until I insert the token and there's only one ball. The staff confirmed with me that we will only play one round. It is so damn expensive. I will rather pay RM2 for playing foosball at jj.

p/s: I want to go home this weekend but my stupid neighbour haven't finish their renovation yet. omg. If I'm going home this week, I need a quite place to study as I have exam next week. How long do they need to take to renovate their house? They are making me feel depress now. This is extremely fml. Argggghhhhh..

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