Monday, November 22, 2010

Why insomniaaaaa ? :(

4:47AM and I'm still awake. I had trouble sleeping for the past few days.
Mr.Bear doesn't work this time. =(
There's few possible answer for my insomnia.
1. Caffeine overdose ?I only took a few sip of tea made of 10 bags of tea.
2. Beatrice claimed that I'm having I-too-excited-to-meet-her-syndrome. lol
3. I think I'm stress because I had my alarm clock set for yesterday and today. *shifty eyes*
4. I didn't get enough of my drama dose because I was working. :(

Okay. caffeine is the better answer.
Can someone knock me off so that I can doze off immediately?


Calvinwoon said...

pressure ? Maybe tea make you cant sleep !! drink more coffee , you will sleep well !

iuhnix said...

walao. i wont sleep at all u know. u wanna hoi sei me ke