Saturday, February 19, 2011

D47-I hate maths and graphs :(

I received a new task last week which requires me to do lots of calculation and come out with graphs for the ISO audit. I had spent days amending the report because every time after I finish my task, they will request me to add more detail and data. Yeah..working here is all about details. I have another task which is to discover the lost yield of the chill product. What we did is to weigh the product at every process to find out what's the cause of it. Unfortunately the case study somehow failed because the night shift people didn't get the data for the last few steps. fol.

The workers here are getting more and more friendly and approachable. Sometimes, its weird to see them chasing each other like small kid as they are all adults.They like to make fun of each other and that's the funny part.

On the other hand, I was asked to generate report every week for the weekly meeting. But, my manager somehow has forgot about it.<s>thank god!</s> lol. I don't really like sitting in the office for too many days. Going to the site to walk around is much better than sitting in the office and face the laptop all the time <s>especially when facebook is so boring and there's no one to talk with online</s> But, once I'm glued to the seat, I'm lazy to pick myself up to go to the sites. ugghh

I'm already here for 1 and half month. Can't wait to finish the other 2 months and execute my plan for the next 4 and half month.

p/s: If I manage to enjoy myself for the next two months, I believe that timw will pass very fast. =)

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