Wednesday, March 9, 2011

D68- Why so serious?

It had been two months since I last blog about my internship. Glad that I had survived more than two months there. Guess what I did today? I taught the workers how to pose for  pictures which is going to use for SOP and WI. Glad that they are getting more and more friendly as time goes by. When they are good to you, they tend to bully and play with you more. Some of them came to work when they were 16 years old. and At least going to work doesn't seem as boring as it was earlier. Yes! Because I'm willingly to go inside the site at 8am and come out at 5pm. I received a  <s>I-don't-know-how-should-I-respond comment from the other intern from fpp.</s> I was asking her if we should take another picture of the process to show more detailed steps. Do you know how she answered me? She said 'Why are you so serious about the assignment given?' I was like are you kidding me? It is an assignment given to me and I just want to do my best.  And now you are asking why am I so serious about it?  Besides that, we are talking about SOP. People are suppose to understand all the procedures by just reading it.

P/s: Since I'm able to use camera inside, perhaps I can show you some pictures soon as long as it is not P&C. :)

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