Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seremban town

Elo! Have you seen the earlier posts?
The location is at city center.

Perhaps will do more about human in the future. :)

You can leave your comments or if you are in Seremban and also interested in taking pictures around Seremban town, drop me a message too. =)

Till then.


~WilL!@m~ said...

Since when you are doing photography? Oh! And take a pic of KGV lah... It'll be nice!

IuhniX said...

hahaha. im always into photography. it's just that now i have time to practise it more.

Anonymous said...

i like the third shot most,
but it will be very much nicer
if taken as a HDR photo with a DSLR.

IuhniX said...

Will do one if I have a DSLR. Perhaps in near future? ;)