Friday, April 15, 2011

D105- Half page left.

You see the card above? It's 15th April today. That means 2 more weeks till my internship end! Wheeee...It doesn't end here because I found a job which requires me to work from 6th -19th of May and I will leaving the country on 19th of May ! This is madness wey. The best thing is my internship ends on 3rd of May, which means I will only have 2 days of freedom. :( I have no idea on how to choose between travel fund and freedom.
I'm currently doing my internship report for my university and I find it difficult to convey my ideas into words. fml because our uni supervisor might use the report to grade us.

p/s: There's so many opportunities/things to do in May-Sept period and I have trouble in deciding which is the best for me. Should I just apply for all of them and decide later when I recieve their reply? Or should I consider it properly before sending in my application? How does another internship at different field sounds to you? Hmmmmm.

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