Saturday, April 9, 2011

First week of April

Hey peeps!
Sorry for being MIA lately. I'm occupied with works and plans.
Felt like dying after work every single day. Blehhh
Went for korean cuisine for dinner. Sad to say that there's no more nice korean food around s'ban. :(
And celebrate dad's birthday too.
Had thai food for our next saturday's baking session discussion.
Went to MIHAS 2011 for work. It was an assignment given by our supervisor yesterday. Our job is to <s>eat and drink for free</s> learn more about Halal agency and see what are the opportunities offered. We get to meet a few coursemates as well.
That's our company booth.
You can get McD nugget at cheaper price with this brand because they taste the same and from the same manufacturer.
Chess set made from white and dark chocolate.
Baby shoes made from chocolates too.
Yes, these are chocolate heels.

3 more weeks!
Time to brush up my thai :)
I think I will be posting more pictures in the future.


yuliang11 said...

those are nice foods!!

yuliang photography blog

IuhniX said...


man_yee said...

xinhui, there is one nice korean food in seremban~ at new era, beside New town.. their friend rice cake is nice! the best ever, better than kl..

IuhniX said...

I was there twice already. Their korean food is not as nice as before. I prefer when they were at Tmn Tunku Jaafar as the food is much more nicer. I'm not sure if they had changed management or what. The old management is much better.